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About JSICR Journal

The Journal is published 4 times a year (June, September, December, March). Papers and dissertations contributed, transcribed recordings of Annual Conferences, symposia, study meetings and etc. are published.
In Addition, published full text of papers and dissertations can be viewed on J-STAGE(Japan's largest Science and Technology Information Aggregator portal for academic e-journals provided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Submission Guidelines

■Submission Guidelines


1 Works for Publication

Unpublished works that contribute to the development of industries and academic research relating to the fields of information and communication, and that are categorized into papers or notes as follows:
“Papers”- recognized to be valuable from such aspects as originality, novelty, and utility, and as valuable to academic research for members of the JSCIR.

“Notes”- written for the purpose of quickly reporting the latest trends in such areas as government policies and industries

2 Guidelines for Writing

(1) Written in either Japanese or English.

(2) Papers written within 20,000 characters (7,500 words in the case of English) including the text, diagrams, annotations, and bibliography. Notes written within 12,000 characters (4,500 words in the case of English) including the text, diagrams, annotations, and bibliography. Works that exceed the character/ word limit may not be accepted for submission. The character count of diagrams will be calculated by the image of the completed print.

(3) The cover with a “title” (Japanese/ English), distinction of paper or notes, and “points that need to be emphasized” summarized within around 200 characters (75 words in the case of English) on the first page.

(4) An outline (Japanese/ English) of around 400 characters (150 words in the case of English) with keywords (around 3 to 5) in the final line on the second page.

(5)A list of annotations enumerated in the order of the annotation numbers at the end of the text.

(6)A list of references, title of publications (title of documents), name of author (name of the writer), number of volume, printed page, publisher, published year, and published country for foreign documents at the end.

(7) In the case of a co-written submissions, the main writer must be a member of the JSCIR.

3 Guidelines for Submission

(1) When submitting, the title (Japanese/ English), name, member number, and contact of home or workplace must be specified (the name and affiliation of the writer should not be mentioned within the paper or notes) in the submission form (separate sheet).

(2) Number of copies to be submitted
Papers/ Notes 1 copy
Send by attaching a word file or PDF file to an email. Digital data must be enclosed in the case of sending by post mail.

4 Submission Deadlines

Publications for the June issue   By March 1 of the same year
Publications for the September issue   By June 1 of the same year
Publications for the December issue   By September 1 of the same year
Publications for the March issue   By December 1 of the same year

Please note that Journals may not accommodate submitted contributions to be published in the desired issue even if submitted within the submission deadline.

5 To Be Submitted to the Secretariat of JSCIR

The Secretariat of JSCIR
 Nittochi Building 11th floor, 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0013

6 Selections of Papers/Notes for Publication

Submitted papers/ notes shall be reviewed by members of the paper review committee, and a decision will be made by the editorial committee.

7 Copyright

As a general rule, the copyright of published papers/ notes shall belong to the JSCIR. Moral rights in the work are still retained by the author.

8 Others

Papers/ notes that do not meet the guidelines for writing, submission, or papers/ notes of members that have not paid their annual fees in the year of application, shall not be accepted.

Additional Guidelines
This guideline shall take effect from the day The Japan Society of Information and Communication Research was certified as a nonprofit public service incorporated foundation (April 1, 2011).