The Japan Society of Information and Communication research (JSICR) was established in commemoration of World Communications Year (“WCY”) 1983 declared by the United Nations.

The WCY Promotion Headquarters was founded and chaired by the then Prime Minister at that time, and its steering committee was organized by cabinet approval. Mr. Michio NAGAI, who was a special advisor of the United Nations University, was appointed as the chair of the steering committee. A momentum to establish an academic society to interchange opinions on information and communication research developed among some committee members and others in the course of holding events.

Following the promotion activity, JSICR was approved on October 12th, 1983 and established as an incorporated foundation on October 24th, 1983. JSICR was certified as a nonprofit public service incorporated foundation on April 1st, 2011.


JSICR encourages interrelationships among interdisciplinary study/research on information and communication, and promotes collaboration among researchers for the advancement of the information communication society development.

Date of Establishment

October 24, 1983 (approved by Ministry on October 12, 1983)


  1. 1. Encouraging interrelationships among interdisciplinary study/research on information and communication
  2. 2. Hosting and organizing seminars, workshops and lectures
  3. 3. Publishing Journal (4 times a year) and other books
  4. 4. Conferring awards for study/research on information and communication
  5. 5. Encouraging interrelationships and collaboration among academic societies in Japan and overseas
  6. 6. Others missions of the JSICR


81 million Japanese yen

Past Presidents

  1. Oct., 1983 – Jun., 1994 NAGAI Michio
  2. Jul., 1994 – Jun., 1996 INOSE Hiroshi
  3. Jul., 1996 – Jun., 2000 IKUTA Masaki
  4. Jul., 2000 – Jun., 2004 HORIBE Masao
  5. Jul., 2004 – Jun., 2008 ITO Yoichi
  6. Jul., 2008 – Jun., 2013 SUGAYA Minoru
  7. Jul., 2013 - MITOMO Hitoshi


  1. Headquarters
  2. Address: Nittochi Bldg. 11F., 1-4-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0013
  3. TEL: +81-3-5501-0566
  4. FAX: +81-3-5501-0567
  5. E-mail: office@jsicr.jp