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Guide to Supporting Membership application

The JSICR, certified as a nonprofit public service incorporated foundation, was established to contribute to the advancement of the information communication society by encouraging interrelationships among interdisciplinary study/research on information and communication, along with promoting cooperation among researchers.

43 corporations and organizations etc. are currently Supporting Members of the JSICR. Supporting Member corporations and organizations enjoy such benefits as complimentary subscription to the JSICR Journal and receiving Annual Reports corresponding to their subscriptions, and their employees can participate as members in Annual Conferences, symposia and Study Meetings etc., and may also submit academic papers to the JSICR Journal.

The JSICR invites new supporting membership applications for joining us. Supporting Membership fees are as shown below. The JSICR solicits your further consideration.

Annual Fees

Category Qualification


Annual Fee
Supporting Member Corporations/organizations, supporting the cause of the JSICR, recommended by the JSICR Board of Directors. None

100,000 Japanese yen per 1 subscription unit

(May subscribe for any number of units.).

Please note that non-profit research organizations (school corporations, national university corporations, national/local entities, independent administrative agencies) are qualified to apply for Ordinary Membership (Organizations)